Working with Schools, Philips Foundation and Global Action Plan

Russell Scott

This week the Manchester Urban Observatory has had the opportunity to work with the Phillips Foundation and Global Action Plan to assess the effectiveness of using new Phillips Air Purifiers in Russell Scott Primary School in Greater Manchester.

RSPrimary Air Purifier Classroom

Testing air purifiers in Russell Scott Primary School

We have now set up some of our newly acquired instruments to measure the air quality of various classrooms around the school, to see the impact that these new purifiers will have, not only in Russell Scott Primary School, but eventually in over 20 schools in the Greater Manchester Area. This is a brilliant initiative and we can’t wait to see what affect this has on the quality of the air that these primary school children are breathing.

Pilot classroom

Here we see the team, including Students and a Professor of the University of Manchester helping the Global Action Plan and Philips colleagues set up the equipment and purifiers in this lucky pilot classroom.

Testing Team

Testing the AQ instrumentation

Phillip Foundation_GAP_Russell Scott Testing 3

He we see the process of turning on and calibrating some of the air quality instrumentation that will be used in the classroom for the next two weeks – trying to cause as little disruption to their Halloween displays in the final set up!